South Dakota QuitLine

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Vilas Pharmacy fills for the South Dakota QuitLine which helps tobacco users quit.

If you are a SD Resident who is currently using a tobacco product, reach out to the SD Quits program today to receive up to 8 weeks of medication free of charge with completion of cycled coaching calls.

  • The SD QuitLine can be reached at 1-866-SD-QUITS
  • (1-866-737-8487) or check out their website.

Vilas Contact

If you have any questions on your prescription received, Vilas is here to help.

  • Phone: 605-224-8155
  • Fax: 605-224-8165
  • For any questions regarding coaching, starting with the QuitLine, or how the program works, please reach out to
  • 1-866-SD-QUITS